The Story of a Rock

My simple backyard rock might have gone through 10,000,000 years of erosion, deposition, cementation, heat, pressure, frost, (And so on) and is still here today. Here’s its story:

Once so long ago, a little rock sat in the snow.

That snow melted over the night, the little rock became so white.

The ice around the little rock froze some more, and that little rock became a little sore

For that tiny rock became a little bit smaller, now that rock’s not worth a dollar.

Some more years later, a big mountain grew, a volcano that begon to spew.

Lave covered that poor little pebble, because now it’s sitting in a lava puddle.

But not for long that pebble will, because the lava’s growing still.

That lava the rock is sitting in, is starting to becoming thin.

The lava’s cooling and becoming rock, now the pebble’s big and stock.

Then it rained all day, covering the rock all the way.

Then that night it started to freeze, splitting the rock in one big piece.

The next morning there were so many, of the rocks; there were plenty!

Over time the rocks scattered, in some years there were all battered.

Then in more years, it became more clear.

The story of a rock, the rocks are created in a flock.

In the process of the making, the heat in the story must be baking

in order to cool and split apart, and also freeze to make the art.

Eventually the rock’s done, now we can learn, and have fun!